Patrick & Dulcena Trainer c. 1861

Tracing ancestors as far back as possible has brought to many people great satisfaction and pleasure. Even documenting one’s family thoroughly for but a few generations can prove just as exciting and fulfilling as a more sketchy documentation across two or three centuries. Each individual ancestral relative previously unknown and genealogically discovered is its own special thrill! No less thrilling is the discovery of records rich with information, which would have remained untouched, which would never have come to light, unless you had gotten caught up in the multiple, magnetic lures of genealogy.  Alex Haley

I have always had an interest in personal family history. My understandings were an aggregate of things that I overheard, stories that I was told, and a hazy mix of early childhood memories. The strongest focus centered around the Trainer side of the family–in the personage of my illustrious Irish immigrant great-great-grandfather Patrick Trainer, who fought in the American Civil War. As in Alex Haley’s words–there is always so much more to discover–and all so many stories of the ordinary and extraordinary. In genealogy, expect to be amazed with your heritage!

This resource details the genealogical history of the Thrush-Traynor and Birdsall-Danzi branches of Patrick & Donna Thrush. This family history mostly concerns the adventures of those families as they grew in the Ohio/Michigan and New England/New York family septs, respectively.  The genealogical data for both family trees is the result of a several years of research on multiple resource sites. The story is far from inclusive at this point–and is a work in progress that will likely take many more years to complete based upon the tree branches we have selected to include.

We look forward to an active family interaction with our Journeys in Genealogy website. It is far from complete–and will continue to grow. All of the trees, charts, and downloadable GEDCOM files are fully functional and available for your perusal. Everyone is encouraged to use the “Contact Us” form to advise of suggestions, changes, additions, and to offer contributions to the data. Future articles, pages & Forum participation will detail elements of family history, discuss genealogical practice, and how to research and build one’s own genealogy website! We may then consider this project an adventure for all persons who identify with the family trees & branches presented here.

Select Family Statistics

This section highlights a number of select Journeys genealogical statistics.  Some results are shown with a ‘plus’ mark, as members have been added offline to RootsMagic 7, but not yet uploaded to the website.  These numbers will periodically update!  We strive to be as accurate as possible with all records, but errors can occur.  If you spot one, contact us and let us know!  Please read our Disclaimer Statement for more details.

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Featured Roots

Finding family helps us learn more about our ancestors–yet there is nothing like finding images of them to know how they looked–and how we may carry on a resemblance or family trait.  Those featured below have their visages survive–perhaps the only image ever made of them.  Click on their photographs or names and learn more about their lives and history!

David Noble Thrush

David was a coal miner & farmer born 1828 in Ohio, and for many years lived in Beetown, Grant County, Wisconsin. He eventually settled near Peoria, Illinois--and began the Hanna City family history.

James L. Rice

James had been a farmer in Kentucky, and after moving to Lick, Ohio worked again as a farmer and a successful coal mine operator. He married Sarah Hiatt, and fathered 6 children. He died in 1892, having lived to the age of 67.

Rev. Charles Leonard Deming

Charles was born in Morris, NY sometime in September, 1827. A Presbyterian minister and father-in-law to Wilburn Birdsall, he survived his spouse Hannah Stenson by 15 years.

Emilio Civita

Emilio graduated the Musical Conservatory of Naples, Italy and emigrated to the US in 1907, later spending 50 years as concertmaster of the Pittsburg Municipal Band in California, beginning in 1916.

Anthony Danzi

Anthony was born 1875 in a suburb of Naples, Italy and immigrated to the U.S. in 1903. He brought his bride Donata Civita with him, settling in Oneonta, NY and fathering 9 children.

Charles Albert Birdsall

'Al' served in the U.S. Navy during WWII in the Pacific Theater of action. After the war, he married Mary Concetta Danzi, and became a commercial electrical contractor. Together they had 4 children. He died in 1993.

Oakley Orville Traynor

Oakley was just 18 when he shipped out with the Machine Gun Co., 28th Infantry of the First Division of the U.S. Army in the first American battle of WWI at Cantigny, France in May, 1918. He was one of the first killed in that battle. The VFW Post in Flint, MI is named in his honor.

Dulcena Humphries Trainer

Wife of Patrick Trainer, Irish immigrant and family scion of our Trainer/Traynor family Ohio branch . Married in 1853 she birthed 9 children, and died 1875 in Franklin Township, Jackson, Ohio--the same year her husband Patrick died of his Civil War injuries. Shown with her first child Dennis.

Journeys Project Development Partners

It is said that nothing and no one stands alone–everything is built on the being and efforts of those that came before us–and those that surround us in our daily lives. The same rubric applies to the practice of genealogy and the tools we use to discover our heritage. I would like to give credit and recommendation to the resources listed below. Without them, our family research and Journeys in Genealogy would not be possible.