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Patrick Trainer, Burial Location Solved!

For many years, there was a great debate amongst family members, particularly the genealogists in the family as to where Patrick Trainer was buried.  Some, such as Opal Danner plan to visit Jackson, Ohio to tease this out.  Unfortunately, she was never able to make that trip.

None of the research that people made revealed a cemetery that he could have been buried at.  The Trainer family did not have a lot of money, nor did they have a great deal of resources or prestige in the community.  Patrick was a laborer in the coal mines.  His health after the Civil War was not good. … Read the rest

Jackson Ohio Trainer Migration to Michigan

Patrick Trainer moved to St. Charles, Michigan sometime between 1897 (the birth of my grandmother Eliza in Jackson), and 1899 (birth of my great-uncle John W. Traynor) in St. Charles, Michigan.  Then Frank Trainer/Traynor moved there between 1901 (birth of Carl Moody Trainer in Jackson), and 1902.  Opal Susan was born in January of 1903, so we can probably bank on it being in 1902.  Sometime prior to 1910, Patrick’s family moved from Michigan to Fulton County, Illinois.  As you might figure, he was following the coal mining industry.  There began the Hanna City part of Traynor family history.  I believe that about this same time Frank moved from St.… Read the rest

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