Thrush Family History

Patrick Trainer, Burial Location Solved!

For many years, there was a great debate amongst family members, particularly the genealogists in the family as to where Patrick Trainer was buried.  Some, such as Opal Danner plan to visit Jackson, Ohio to tease this out.  Unfortunately, she was never able to make that trip.

None of the research that people made revealed a cemetery that he could have been buried at.  The Trainer family did not have a lot of money, nor did they have a great deal of resources or prestige in the community.  Patrick was a laborer in the coal mines.  His health after the Civil War was not good. … Read the rest

The ‘Mac Threinfhir’ Question

In the several decades now that I have been trying to dig out my Irish ancestry via the internet–and pin down immigrant Patrick Trainer’s upstream line–the subject of the Mac Threinfhir sept or clan kept popping up.  There were various narratives which put this group as Ulster-Scots, native Celts, or some admixture thereof.  The meaning of the name can be broken down to ‘Mac’ (son of) and ‘Threinfhir’ (strong man).  But first, I need to get how this is pronounced.  By the beginning of the 19th century, many branches of the family had dropped or foreshortened the ‘Mac’ (meaning ) and had also added numerous permutations to distinguish their lines and geography. … Read the rest

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