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TNG (and sometimes WordPress) users often want to use the maps feature in their software deployments to extend feature sets.  Two methods are available—Google Maps & OpenStreetMap (OSM).  Google Maps is the primary, and most robust mapping solution available—but involves a more complex setup procedure than OSM.  It also has the least issues and most features for TNG.  Before discussing the steps necessary to add the Google Maps API key to your application, let’s first look at OpenStreetMap for TNG.

OpenStreetMap Details

According to Wikipedia, “OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world.Read the rest

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Hello Visitors!

Welcome to Journeys in Genealogy

This website details the genealogical history of the Thrush-Traynor and Birdsall-Danzi families of Patrick & Donna Thrush.  It was begun in September, 2015 as a simple WordPress site, and is now in its fourth design iteration.  The project has become much larger and more complex an undertaking than I initially believed–as the first vision was to simply tell the story of my immediate family.  As planned, I thought to write a page on each member of the family going upwards about four generations.

It did not take long to realize that this method left connections murky–and that no tree or chart was in the offing to clear things up in the way my desktop genealogy program or… Read the rest

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