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New Site, New Look  


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01/04/2019 12:10 pm  

When I started last year with developing a WordPress/TNG genealogical website, lots of information was available on how others were accomplishing this.  Unfortunately, some of the material was dated, and I resisted spending money on a new theme--choosing an old favorite Althualpa to style the presentation.  That theme has not been updated since 2016, and almost immediately led to issues with PHP compatibility under v7.2.  I found that I had boxed myself into a corner that allowed no future updates, and further made a number of random CSS edits through different components.  Although a very nice site, there were errors and issues.

This present site is on a new domain URL and is running the latest of everything.  My new theme is Avada, one that has a strong backing in the genealogical site community--and on the server side boasts the MariaDB SQL, PHP 7.2 FPM, WordPress v5.1.1, TNG v12.1, and many pages are now created using Elementor block editor.  The result is what you see--fast, stable, and fully upgradeable as the underlying applications and technologies change.  Some parts of the transfer from the previous site were easy--others not so much so.  There has been quite a learning curve getting understanding and competence in some of the new particulars.

I hope that everyone enjoys this new site--things will continue to be refined and new content added on a regular basis as time goes by.

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