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Trainer/Traynor surname change  


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04/05/2019 1:21 pm  

When my 2x great grandfather Patrick arrived from Ireland, he seems to have spelled his surname 'Trainer.'  Then an interesting thing happened among his 9 children--some of them began spelling their surnames 'Traynor' beginning with son Patrick, and later son Frank.  Others may have done so as well, but as of this writing I have no evidence of that.

Census records can be notoriously misspelled.  The 1870 federal census lists the family as 'Craner.'  Another branch of children has one family at 'Trenor.'  As to the Traynor emergence, with both Patrick (Jr.) and Frank--this seems to be something limited to these two families--and the curious similarity is that they are both branches that moved from Jackson, Ohio to Michigan--St. Charles & Flint.  Hopefully at some point the reason for this change will come to light!

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