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Patrick Trainer (1818-1875)

Patrick Trainer immigrated to the United States sometime in the late 1840s or early 1850s.  The first confirmed historical record places him in Bloomfield Township, where he and Dulcena Humphreys traveled to nearby Keystone Station in Franklin Township–and were married by William Schellinger, a Justice of the Peace in December of 1853.  A number of later family lines (by marriage) also resided in Bloomfield at the time, including the Mercers, Pattersons, and Claars.  The couple show no living children until 1857 and the birth of son Dennis.

Trainer was a laborer, working mostly in the coal mining industry of Jackson County.  After serving three years in the Union Army during the Civil War, his last place of occupation was living near and working at one of the small mines owned by the Claar family–presumably on William Claar’s farm.  He died in 1875, and all research points to his (and Dulcena’s) burial location to be in the Franklin Valley Cemetery in unmarked graves.

Photograph (calotype) circa 1861 Patrick & Dulcena Trainer

Photograph (tintype) circa 1859-1860 Dulcena & Dennis Trainer

Patrick & Dulcena Trainer Marriage Record

Patrick Trainer Death Record


Civil War Related Documents

History of the Fifty-Third Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Author: John K. Duke, Company F.  This 356-page book was published in 1900, and gives a thorough accounting of the 53rd Regiment, from its organization at Camp Diamond, Jackson, Ohio in October of 1861–through all campaigns and its eventual disbanding in Little Rock, Arkansas on August 25th, 1865.  Patrick Trainer mustered in as a Private on 9 October 1861 and mustered out at Chattanooga, Tennessee on 27 October 1864 by reason of expiration of term of service (3 years).  He was a member of Company D during his entire term of service.

1861 Camp Diamond Recruiting Poster

This poster was circulated during the enlistment drive in Jackson, Ohio for the period of September 1861 through to the early spring of 1862.  Col. Jesse Appler had envisioned a mounted cavalry company, and many men joined in anticipation of that status.  Unfortunately, Ohio Governor William Dennison did not see it that way–and the 53rd remained infantry foot soldiers.  The conscripts were also promised a $100 cash bounty at the completion of service–and 160 acres of land (presumably in the West).  While many collected their bounty award, the land grants never materialized.

1863 Company D Membership Broadside Poster

It was common during the war to publish a “broadside,” which is a large poster containing information about and the names of company members.  These broadsides were posted in public places, such as a local courthouse or post office–to build pride and provide assurances to the family members of those serving.

Complete Broadside

Broadside Top Half Section

Broadside Bottom Half Section

Union Army Discharge Papers for Patrick Trainer

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Photoshop PSD Version (Rear)  [full-size, 1200dpi sRGB IE1966-2.1 colorspace gamut]

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High-Resolution Image file JPG (Rear)  [300dpi Adobe 1996 colorspace gamut]

Civil War Pension Application Documents

In 1898, the four surviving children of Patrick & Dulcena Trainer (Mary, Patrick, Frank, and Emma) filed an application with the U.S. government for a Civil War disability/survivor pension on behalf of their deceased father.  The claim was unsuccessful, but provides interesting details about Patrick Trainer’s health during his term of enlistment.

Medical Record

Affidavit of Claim & Survivorship

Wounded Soldier Muster Roll

Disciplinary Note Muster Roll


Jackson County, Ohio

In the early 1850s, Patrick Trainer and his wife Dulcena Humphrey Trainer met in Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.  During the years the family resided and grew there, the majority of their residence was within Bloomfield, Lick, and Franklin Townships (in that order).  Three of the children married into other Franklin Township families (Claar, Stiffler, Weber).

D.L. Lake Atlas of Jackson County, Ohio.  1875

Index to the 1875 Atlas of Jackson County, Ohio

Prepared by the Jackson County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.  This is a comprehensive accompanying index of all listed property owners appearing in the Atlas, by map page and identifying numbers.