Welcome to Journeys in Genealogy

This website details the genealogical history of the Thrush-Traynor and Birdsall-Danzi families of Patrick & Donna Thrush.  It was begun in September, 2015 as a simple WordPress site, and is now in its fourth design iteration.  The project has become much larger and more complex an undertaking than I initially believed–as the first vision was to simply tell the story of my immediate family.  As planned, I thought to write a page on each member of the family going upwards about four generations.

It did not take long to realize that this method left connections murky–and that no tree or chart was in the offing to clear things up in the way my desktop genealogy program or Ancestry.com could.  After looking at available solutions, TNG (The Next Generation of Genealogy Software) was discovered and the platform integrated with the existing WordPress site.  This is where the idea of simple came apart!  In the future I plan to write other posts and put up articles on how integration is accomplished–and ways to avoid pitfalls in creating a solid, informative website.

Stick with us for the ride–as recounting the generations is going to take years! Much of it will rely on the time spent and cost of research resources, other family members helping in developing content, acquiring media, and making corrections to the ‘established’ family history. Please consider joining the Journeys Forum–and let’s all learn and grow together as we seek to understand who we are–and the family that came before us…

To make this a true resource for the families connected in genealogy site, we need your help.  If you have photographs or documents on the ancestors listed here, please contact us and we can make arrangements for including them on person pages and in the gallery.  Your financial contributions can help with research subscriptions and site operational costs–and assure that what is available here remains operational and updated as time goes by.  Simply click on the PayPal box at the bottom of every page and become a sustaining partner in the future of our ancestry!